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Mother with her Child

Boone County Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

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Supported parents today for healthy babies tomorrow.

Having a baby brings lots of emotions which can first appear during pregnancy. Know the signs of depression and anxiety, and be ready to take action. The first few weeks after birth are sometimes accompanied by a change in mood and adjusting to life with a new baby. While these feelings may go away on their own in a couple weeks, some parents need extra support. In the U.S., up to 1 in 5 mothers and up to 1 in 10 fathers experience postpartum anxiety and/or postpartum depression. Although this is often discussed after a baby is born, depression and anxiety can start during pregnancy. Anxiety, depression or other mood disorders that occur during pregnancy or up to two years afterward are known as perinatal distress. Below are some tools and information to better understand signs and symptoms of perinatal distress and where to get help.

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